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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to drag your son or daughter onto the trails for the first time, the International Mountain Bike Association has got you covered. Their annual (albeit still youthful) Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Spring Event is held on the second Saturday of June, which means that this year on 11th June 2016 you can expect to find mountain trails and bike centres even more packed out than normal. The second event of the year will be held on October 1st.

Although most events so far have taken place in the USA (probably because that’s where the IMBA is headquartered – Boulder, Colorado to be precise), ride-outs have also been organised as far afield as Australia, Canada, Mexico and South Africa, to name just a few participating countries.

So What is Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day?

The whole point of Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is to get children more involved in the sport, whether they’re complete newbies to riding or are already bitten by the bug. There’s no requirement to take them on something technical, and events range from easy family bike rides to challenging singletracks and enduros. Continue reading “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day”

Gearing Up for UCI MTB World Cup 2016

The main event, that annual gathering of the world’s top mountain bikers, is about to start again. This year, the line-up is looking good for UK female favourite Rachel Atherton and US high-flyer Gwinn. But with a few surprises lined up with tricky tracks, who knows who we’ll see take the podium at each race. Continue reading “Gearing Up for UCI MTB World Cup 2016”

Competition: Win a Set of Kid’s Mountain Bike Body Armour

It’s competition time here at Mini Mountain Bikers and we’re giving away a fantastic prize – one set of kid’s mountain bike body armour. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that mountain biking means crashing. Not once…probably lots of times…and if you can’t prevent accidents, the next best thing is to try and limit the damage as much as you can, right? Well, that’s where body armour becomes an invaluable piece of kit. Continue reading “Competition: Win a Set of Kid’s Mountain Bike Body Armour”

Riding the Trails at Nevis Range, Fort William

As far as Mini Mountain Bikers, Ali and Cailean, are concerned, there’s nothing better than riding the trails at Nevis Range, the place where the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup hosts one of its annual events. Continue reading “Riding the Trails at Nevis Range, Fort William”

Basic Mountain Biking for Kids

Take a look at Mini Mountain Biker’s first YouTube video to see Ali and Cailean mountain biking from their earliest balance bikes to their high-spec Commencals.

Riding around on Ridgeback Mountain Bikes

Ridgebacks have been the bike of choice for our boys, right from the smallest 14″ MX they got through to their latest 24″. They’re not top of the range – not compared to the new Commencal DH Supreme 24s the boys are riding now, anyway – but it would be a shame to move on without giving a thought to the bikes that got the boys where they are today. Continue reading “Riding around on Ridgeback Mountain Bikes”

Trying out the Commencal DH Supreme 24s

It’s been hard finding bikes that are suitable for the boys to ride, especially now they’re heading down steeper, more technical runs. Luckily for us, although they’re only seven and six years old they’re both tall for their age, which means we’ve been able to look at bigger bikes that are better for the tracks they want to ride. Continue reading “Trying out the Commencal DH Supreme 24s”

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