One of the most hotly anticipated things about our move to the French Alps has been the impending arrival of Crankworx Les Gets – and with the date set for June 20-24th 2018, the time is nearly here. This year, instead of watching it from the comfort of our sofa in Scotland, we’ll be in the thick of things as Ali and Cailean take on their first events at Kidsworx. They’re excited, our sponsors are delighted….and we’re nervous. The Kidsworx events don’t get as much coverage as the high-flying, stomach-churning spectacle of the main freestyle event, so if we’re being totally honest we sort of let the kids sign up without having any real clue what we were letting them in for. Now that’s what we call responsible parenting!

It turns out that they’ve entered the Downhill race, the Pump Track Challenge and the Dual Slalom at Kidsorx, all of which will be taking place on or around the Chavannes area of Les Gets and the infamous Bike Park Les Gets. Now that Ali is 10 he’s moved up a class and will be racing in the 10 – 12 years old section. Cailean is still in the youngest group of 6 – 9 years so it’s going to be a hectic event juggling all those races and practice sessions. There’s still a section for kids aged 13 and 14, and after that, well….you’re right up there with the adults.

Kidswork Spirit Warrior DH during Crankworx Rotorua in New Zealand. (Photo by clint trahan/

If, unlike us, you’re the sensible sort of parent who prefers to have advance comprehension of the trials your child is undertaking, do what we didn’t and check out the website. Now that we’ve finally taken a look it’s not all that daunting, although of the three events they’re each signed up for the boys have only ever competed in downhill races before. These slalom and pump track events are a whole new ball game and we’re still not completely clued up about them. There are some helpful videos on YouTube from previous years though which give you a rough idea.

We love the look of the Run Bike Challenge, and we confess we’re a little sad that Ali and Cailean have outgrown their balance bikes because there’s no doubt that thirty or so kids charging through the main street wearing oversized full-face helmets and sporting mini mountain biking gear is just too cool to miss. If you have a budding mountain biker aged between 2 and 5 years old, make sure you get them signed up for this one!

Kidsworx Events at Crankworx

Find out more about all the events open for kids at this year’s Crankworx Les Gets event, and sign up any mini mountain bikers out there too, using this link: Kidsworx Les Gets 2018.